GOAL: To develop a close tie with our newly adopted missionary.

PURPOSE: Missionaries are all too soon forgotten by friends. After a few months pass, lives readjust and the missionary's absence is no longer as painful. Letters and contact with the missionary become sporadic, dwindle, and often come to a halt.

The missionary, already dealing with the loss of everything familiar, as well as readjustment, culture shock, and stress, all of a sudden feels alienated and forgotten. The loneliness can become a bitter, powerful tool of the Enemy.

Once a missionary does adjust to his or her new home, life is fast-paced, and spare time is a real treasure. Exhaustion becomes a constant companion along with the continual struggles and challenges life presents.

The most important thing is for a missionary to know (experientially) is that someone is standing behind his or her endeavors, to know they are not forgotten, and to know they are being prayed for.

IDEAS: Here are some simple, practical ideas you can adopt for your new "extended family member" so he or she will know you are there!

1. PRAY DAILY - To help keep this commitment . ..

  1. Obtain a picture prayer card of your adoptee.
  2. Post the prayer card on the bathroom mirror, breakfast table, refrigerator, kitchen window, car dashboard, alarm clock, television, laundry room, or in any conspicuous place.
  3. Pray for the specific needs included in this booklet or on the email prayer requests that are received.

2. WRITE OR E-MAIL AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH - It's most encouraging for a missionary to receive a letter or an e-mail. It does not need to be laborious and it does not require a lot of time.

  1. A. Send an e-mail, postcard, or letter.
  2. B. In the message, tell about what you are doing; family, friends; struggles, victories, events; church news; local and national news; current events; the weather.
  3. C. The most important part of the message is ... I'm praying for you daily ... Ask for your missionary's prayer requests and praise reports and share your own prayer requests and praise reports. Involve the missionary in your life to deepen the relationship.

3. PHONE THEM - Nothing encourages a missionary more than a phone call. Call on their birthday or periodically just to say "hi."


  1. A. A small package or manila envelope filled with simple items: cassette tapes, magazines, newspaper comics, paperback books, match box cars, stuffed animals, coloring books, gum, chocolates, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, pens, pads of paper, bookmarks, brownies, etc.
  2. B. Useful items not available in the country-ask what they are- missionaries will tell you! Ask your missionary for special mailing instructions to avoid excessive duty in customs for them.

5. FINANCES - You may want to bless your adoptee with extra money. If you want your donation to be tax deductible, write a check to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and note your missionary's name on the lower left portion of the check.

6. REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES - This demonstrates a loving concern for your adopted missionary. Sign the card in light pencil or enclose a note so that the card can be used again. Cards in English may be hard to find.