05/06/2014Phil TwenteStudy at OmskRight-click to download
04/07/2014Phil TwenteCommunion for Cancer Support GroupRight-click to download
11/16/2013Phil Twente2 Cor 5v9 10_Bema Seat JudgmentRight-click to download
04/07/2013Phil TwenteSing to the Lord a New SongRight-click to download
02/13/2013Phil TwenteSao Paulo studyRight-click to download
02/10/2013Phil TwentePrayer WorkshopRight-click to download
01/06/2013David MarkeymissionsdayRight-click to download
12/15/2012Phil TwenteCMP Christmas gift for JesusRight-click to download
11/10/2012Phil TwenteService twoRight-click to download
11/04/2012Pam MarkeyJesus Never Fails 3Right-click to download
11/03/2012Pam MarkeyJesus Never Fails-interviewRight-click to download
11/03/2012Pam MarkeyJesus Never Fails-eveningRight-click to download
11/03/2012Pam MarkeyJesus Never Fails 2Right-click to download
11/03/2012Pam MarkeyJesus Never Fails 1Right-click to download
07/21/2012Phil TwenteAn open door-CMPRight-click to download
06/25/2012Phil TwentePrayer at DebrecenRight-click to download
06/05/2012Damian Kyle2 Corinthians 4Right-click to download
05/19/2012Phil TwentePendleton MessageRight-click to download
01/29/2012Phil TwenteCalvary Chapel BurbankRight-click to download
12/05/2011Phil TwenteCancer Support Group-Fear of DeathRight-click to download
09/11/2011Pam MarkeySong of Solomon-4Right-click to download
09/10/2011Pam MarkeySong of Solomon-3Right-click to download
09/10/2011Pam MarkeySong of Solomon-2Right-click to download
09/09/2011Pam MarkeySong of Solomon-1Right-click to download
08/24/2011Brian BrodersenRomans 8_14-25Right-click to download
08/17/2011Brian BrodersenRomans 8_18Right-click to download
08/06/2011Phil TwenteGravesideRight-click to download
06/29/2011Brian BrodersenBlessings in Christ - Romans 8 HighlightsRight-click to download
06/24/2011Phil TwenteGod's Love thru AfflictionsRight-click to download
06/15/2011Phil TwenteFit for the fieldRight-click to download
05/28/2011Phil TwentePendletonRight-click to download
04/01/2011Pam MarkeyCC Rotorua 2011 Womens Conf-4Right-click to download
04/01/2011Pam MarkeyCC Rotorua 2011 Womens Conf-3Right-click to download
04/01/2011Pam MarkeyCC Rotorua 2011 Womens Conf-2Right-click to download
04/01/2011Pam MarkeyCC Rotorua 2011 Womens Conf-1Right-click to download
12/21/2010Brian BrodersenAdvancing The Kingdom-Matthew 11-12Right-click to download
09/20/2010Phil TwenteCambodia on Ephesians 5Right-click to download
09/20/2010Phil TwenteCambodia message on AbrahamRight-click to download
05/16/2010Phil TwenteKyrgyzstan dedicationRight-click to download
11/29/2009Phil TwenteCC Iruma Sun afternoonRight-click to download
11/28/2009Phil TwenteCC Iruma DedicationRight-click to download
08/21/2009Brian & CherylAustria ConfRight-click to download
06/14/2009John ChubikJeremiah 9Right-click to download
06/13/2009John ChubikThe Heart Of David-Psalm 16Right-click to download
06/12/2009John ChubikJeremiah 29Right-click to download
06/11/2009John ChubikNot A Spirit of Fear, but of Power, Love, and Sound Mind-2 Tim 1v6-7Right-click to download
06/09/2009John ChubikThe Question of Faith-Hebrews 10v19-23Right-click to download
06/08/2009John ChubikMy Way, the Devil's Way, or Jesus-John 13v1-9Right-click to download
06/07/2009John ChubikWhat Manner of Men Are We-1 Thessalonians 1Right-click to download
06/06/2009John Chubik1 Peter 3v18-4v19Right-click to download
06/05/2009John Chubik1 Peter 3v8-22Right-click to download
06/04/2009John ChubikFear And Faith-2 Timothy 1v1-12Right-click to download
06/03/2009John ChubikKeep Your Eyes on the Light-Jeremiah 17v5-8Right-click to download
06/02/2009John ChubikBe A Man Of Prayer-1 Timothy 2v1-Right-click to download
06/01/2009John ChubikZechariah 4Right-click to download
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